Transwhiz - Improve your translation quality and prolificacy significantly

  • Provides Japanese, Chinese, English and simplified/traditional translation functions.
  • The CAT (Computer Aided Translation) workbench that integrates Translation Memory, user dictionary and computer translation can greatly improve translation quality and increase productivity.
  • The self-configured dictionary can be applied to computer translation, and can also be queried and used during post-editing.
  • Provides TM, Translation Memory function, which can store translated sentences and provide similar sentences and keywords search. It is the ace in the hole for the translation and publishing industry to effectively manage existing translation materials and increase productivity.
  • The CAT workbench can load three languages simultaneously, which is a powerful tool for globalization and localization.
  • Provide a 1 million-word English-Chinese bi-directional dictionary and a 600,000-word Japanese-Chinese bi-directional dictionary, which will be updated regularly.
  • The Japanese translation function provides an anime dictionary for application.
  • Supports the translation of iOS and Android resource files.
  • Provides import and export functions of the Translation Memory Exchange (.tmx) File.
  • The dictionary provides an "initial/mid-word/suffix match" query function.
  • The dictionary provides vocabulary notes and self-configured supplementary explanation functions.